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How do we know you’ll love life at Messiah Village? Because current residents and team members already do. See their stories for yourself.

Meet Betsy Wendlek

In 2017, Betsy and many others will be embarking on a new adventure as they settle into their new homes at Village Square. At 76, Betsy prides herself on living a life filled with zest and purpose. Choosing to live at Village Square means a worryfree lifestyle that will keep Betsy active in the church choir! She’s already planning to exercise 3 times a week at the new Wellness Center and continue her tradition of spending part of each year in Florida.

The ease of knowing she can leave her apartment in good hands, without worry, is a huge relief! I am beyond excited to never have to call a plumber again! Betsy believes that new is interesting so she’s eager to join new clubs and try different activities at Messiah Village. Meeting new friends and connecting with old friends is also a plus. Betsy’s lifelong friend Beth Sider is a resident at Messiah Village. Betsy and Beth share many of the same interests and sense of humor. Knowing how happy Beth and Ron are at Messiah Village helped Betsy in her decision to choose a new apartment at Village Square. Betsy has spent her years as a grief counselor, traveling to many different retirement communities to help those in need. When deciding to move to Village Square, Betsy explored many of her options in the area. The decision on where to spend the next chapter of her life is the first decision she has made without her husband Dick. I wanted it to be my decision, one I had made on my own. It is a freeing feeling, and I know Dick would be happy. Although it’s been more than 50 years since Betsy lived in an apartment, she was delighted at the selection. After reviewing more than 11 different Village Square floors plans, she felt euphoria when she reserved her ideal apartment! Betsy takes pride in knowing she has planned well for the next chapter, and her excitement is building as she prepares to personalize her apartment.


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