Bob's Rehab Journey | Messiah Village

When Bob realized he’d need knee replacement surgery, he immediately requested Messiah Lifeways® Rehab.

Bob had utilized Messiah Lifeways’ rehab  services for a previous injury and his experience made a strong impression. “What made it different was the quality of care I received,” Bob remembered. “Each of the physical therapists brought with them a serious professionalism.” He also appreciated the private rooms, quality meals, and accommodating atmosphere.

But, a lot changed in Bob’s life since his first visit to Messiah Lifeways Rehab. “I live alone since my wife passed away,” Bob explained. “My time with Messiah Lifeways Rehab allowed me to return home fully capable of caring for myself. They arranged my home care services and followed up regularly to see that all was well with me.”

Now, in addition to enjoying independence at home, Bob has been able to resume some of his favorite activities: training dogs and riding horses! “I am expecting two puppies in three weeks,” he shared. “They afford me unconditional love and little drama. I look forward to being able to train them in the field.”

“When you’re injured or healing from an accident or surgery you want to be in the care of competent caring individuals who have your best interest at heart,” Bob reflected. “I found that both times I needed such care at Messiah Lifeways Rehab.”

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