Messiah Village
Changing the conversation about aging.

Our vision seeks to strengthen the long-term financial security and sustainability of Messiah Lifeways at Messiah Village, ensuring that our mission will continue to thrive in the decades ahead.

Village Square   Enhanced Living Expansion   Private Nursing Rooms  


Village Square

Our plan begins with Village Square, a new set of 84 apartment homes in the heart of Messiah Village. In addition to a range of housing options, the space will also serve as the central hub for wellness and enrichment activities for residents and community members. And in the heart of this new space, a café and an upscale casual restaurant will help bring even more health and vibrancy to the Messiah Village community.



Enhanced Living Expansion

The first phase of this expansion will bring a new personal care neighborhood featuring 26 spacious apartments ranging in size from 600 to 768 square feet. The apartments will offer larger accommodations, particularly appealing to couples, complete with kitchenettes and separate living and sleeping spaces.



Private Nursing Rooms

Constructing two new nursing neighborhoods will bring 32 beautiful highly-sought after private rooms to our campus. Since the Messiah Village nursing team is already well-regarded for its exceptional care, now is the time to ensure that our facilities match the quality of our staff. These new private rooms, 16 on each of the 2 new neighborhoods, will feature private bathrooms and showers in each room, and each small neighborhood will include a great room, a warm and welcoming living room, and spaces for dining. In addition to all their other benefits, these new nursing neighborhoods also give Messiah Village the flexibility to offer all-private rooms in our existing Wagner short-term rehab nursing neighborhood. This new construction, coupled with a comprehensive renovation plan, will eventually bring more than 60 lovely private rooms to our skilled nursing neighborhoods.

Since our founding Messiah Lifeways has been a strong, mission-driven, service-oriented organization. Today we serve nearly 2,600 people every year, though our network of senior services for adults ages 55 and better. Project Envision  is yet another sign of our commitment to sustaining and nurturing our mission for generations to come!



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