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The Asper Special Care neighborhood offers specialized nursing care and services for those with Alzheimer’s and other dementia diagnoses coupled with chronic health issues. The safe and secure environment promotes individuality and dignity, with group and individualized activities that maximize independence and provide stimulation. The Upper Laurel neighborhood is also available for individuals with dementia and ongoing health concerns.

Various opportunities are offered to promote spiritual, emotional, and physical wellness. Some examples include music, cooking, intergenerational groups, exercise groups, and special interest programs. Music therapy has become a popular over the years and a great way to bring a smile to the faces of Asper residents. Through the use of ipods team members are able to work with the families of resients to create playlists of music that they know the residents will enjoy.

Team members in the Asper Special Care Neighborhood work hard to make sure they are creating care plans that meet the needs of each individual resident. The Multi-Sensory Room is a great example. This room is a place where residents can enjoy music therapy, aromatherapy, massage, a zero-gravity chairs, use of visual images to stimulate memory, and much more. Pictured to the left is a friendly team member showing off a fun light feature of the portable version of the Multi-Sensory Room that can be transport from room to room in the Asper Neighborhood. Each resident is different and responds to features in the sensory room differently. The room and portable sensory cart are versatile and allow team members to creating a relaxing and stimulating atmosphere based on the preference of each resident.

To learn more and take a private tour of the Asper Special Care Neighborhood call 717.388.2043.


Thu, Oct 3, 2019