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Why Seniors Prefer Senior Living Communities

Senior living communities have gone through an amazing transformation over the past 20 or so years. They have become a next step on a long journey of living. To the diverse group of men and women who call them home, living in a senior living community offers many benefits.

It is true some communities have more to offer than others in the way of amenities, but the most important thing they have to offer their residents is a vital sense of community — the opportunity to be a central part of something bigger. That’s what Messiah Lifeways at Messiah Village (Messiah Village) offers residents — along with quite a few impressive amenities.

About Messiah Village

Messiah Village is a non-profit continuing care retirement community (CCRC) located in Mechanicsburg, PA. It is a faith-based community associated with the Brethren in Christ Church. What some might call communal living or  senior housing, we call a purposeful and zestful residential living community offering more than the typical independent living for seniors.

Messiah Village is open to residents aged 62 and better. Residents quickly begin to appreciate the benefits of independent living and say they wish they had chosen to move in sooner. People make the move to Messiah Village for many different reasons.

Among the more common reasons are:

  • Maintenance-free living
  • Safety and security community living provides
  • On-site healthcare services
  • A desire to downsize
  • Fast access to medical care
  • Social opportunities
  • Exercise, fitness and wellness programs
  • Transportation services
  • Meal plans

Messiah Village takes great pride in providing all these things and more to residents.

Messiah Village Living Options

No matter what your preferences and needs are, you’ll always be a part of a warm and welcoming community where you can be you and where opportunities for growth, community, and purpose abound.. Messiah Village offers three levels of living including: Residential Living, Enhanced Living (licensed as Personal Care), and Nursing Care. Residents also have access to other several services and care options such as rehab, respite, home care and adult day services

Whichever residence option you choose, you’ll have more than 80 acres of walking paths, gardens, cafes, coffee shops and restaurants right at your fingertips. You’ll also have the convenience of on-site pharmacies, banking and gift shops on campus. This is just the beginning of the many services, amenities and features available to Messiah Village Residents.

Messiah Village 80 acres

What is a Continuing Care Retirement Community?

Many people are under the misconception all retirement living communities are the same. The truth is no two are exactly alike. Each community has its own standards of care, vibe and sense of community, especially when it comes to a Continuing Care Retirement Community or CCRC.

CCRCs are different than most retirement communities in that they offer increasing levels of care on one campus. Residents can live independently, or receive additional care in personal care or assisted living when it becomes necessary, and can then move on to nursing care if and when the time comes — without leaving the community they call home.

CCRCs are an excellent choice for couples, as it allows them the opportunity to live together or in the same building if their care needs differ, until one might require complete nursing care. Even then, they will be able to live on the same campus.

The other big advantage people enjoy about CCRCs is the fact that they will not need to go through another search for a community as their needs for care increase. It’s perfect for retirees who like to plan for the future, as they build connections and develop relationships.

There’s another important benefit of moving into a CCRC. Most non-profit CCRCs provide benevolent or charitable care. This allows residents who may deplete or outlive their financial resources to continue to live there for as long as they need.

Freedom, Independence and Accessibility

There are many benefits of independent living in a Senior Living Community. Initially many older adults feel that by moving to a CCRC they lose their independence, when in fact they discover they can become more independent because they’re not bogged down with home ownership and maintenance and now have more freedom to travel, visit with family and come and go as you please. 

Particularly, the location of Messiah Village in Mechanicsburg, PA, is convenient to many other popular destinations, including:

  • Washington, D.C. — about 111 miles away
  • Philadelphia, PA — about 113 miles away
  • New York City — about 181 miles away
  • Pittsburgh, PA — about 199 miles away

Hershey, a wonderful place to go with or without grandchildren in tow at just about 20 miles away. Harrisburg is very close by, about eight miles away, and is a location where you can enjoy the Harrisburg Symphony, the State Museum and Archives, the Whitaker Center for Science and Arts and more. Another popular day trip is to Gettysburg, about 29 miles away, though many find plenty to enjoy locally.

Can you imagine all the places you will have the freedom to go when you don’t have to worry about keeping your lawn mowed, your sidewalks shoveled, and your leaves raked? At Messiah Village you don’t have to worry about these mundane things, leaving you free to explore the world around you — near and far.

Benefits of Senior Living Communities

Benefits of a CCRC

Human beings need to be fully engaged in at least four aspects of life in order to enjoy the greatest possible quality of life. These four areas include:

  • Social engagement
  • Physical engagement
  • Spiritual engagement
  • Intellectual engagement

Messiah Village is committed to providing an environment that is rich for the mind, body, spirit and soul. There are countless activities available on a daily basis, as you will find in many communal living communities and settings. However, the great thing about it is there are activities designed to appeal to a wide cross-section of the community residents based on their interests, talents, and passions.

Messiah Village - senior couple

Social Engagement

Living in a retirement community fosters an environment for social engagement among all residents. The addition of group activities, trips, social gatherings, and gathering spaces on the campus, provide additional opportunities to get to know your neighbors and broaden your social circles based on shared interests and, in some cases, shared life experiences.

Events and activities that encourage socialization can be found readily available at Messiah Village. Many people don’t realize the many clubs residents can participate in are also social opportunities. Among the many clubs available here are:

  • Cooking clubBook clubs
  • Game clubs
  • Good grief-Grief Counseling
  • Poetry club
  • Quilters club
  • Singing men
  • Veterans’ club
  • Village red roses

With such a wide range of activities and array of fellow residents, the opportunities are endless for you to enjoy life, be entertained and again find purpose and zest.

Physical Engagement

Wellness is a word you will hear often at Messiah Village. Our facility offers a wide range of activities and classes designed to promote wellness among residents of all ability levels and physical conditions, including:

  • Aquatic center — Features a warm water pool of 86 to 90 degrees and therapeutic Jacuzzi with classes like water tai chi, water Pilates and arthritis aquacize.
  • Fitness center — Offers age-appropriate exercise equipment for cardiovascular wellness, strength training and more in addition to free weights.
  • Personal instruction —Provides personal trainers for supervised sessions and to help people map out a program to accomplish their goals. Residents are encouraged to embark on their own fitness regimen to set and achieve personal goals.
  • Strong life classes — Features classes that not only help to strengthen muscles and bones, but also boost balance and agility for a stronger body.
  • Fitness and exercise classes — Offering classes that include Silver Sneakers, tai chi, yoga, Pilates and classes on healthy cooking and nutrition.

These classes are designed to help residents remain fit and healthy, because good physical fitness lends itself to good overall health. According to the second annual United States of Aging Survey, seniors who focused on their health were more optimistic about aging. More than 60 percent of optimistic seniors reported that they had set at least one specific goal to manage their health in the last year. 

Optimistic Seniors

Spiritual Engagement

Messiah Village is a community that believes in faith-filled living. In addition to religious services available at the Messiah Village Chapel.there are also Bible study groups and pastoral services available to all residents.

Intellectual Engagement

Engaging the mind is one of the most critical aspects of senior living. In 2005, Messiah Village established the Pathways Institute For Lifelong Learning ® in order to encourage residents who became members to embark on a journey of lifelong learning. The Pathways Institute program offers unique learning experiences that explore cultural, spiritual and mental exercises and courses.

Why is lifelong learning so important? One would think you’d reach a point in your life where you’ve learned enough. Right? Wrong. The truth is as long as you have something new to get excited about learning, the longer you are truly engaged in the act of living.

The Pathways Institute seeks to pique your curiosity and then offers the facts, figures and other vital information to satisfy that same curiosity, time and time again.

In addition to the Pathways Institute, which is optional for residents, Messiah Village offers various lectures, classes, book discussions and more to promote learning and provide intellectual stimulation.

Benefits to Residents of Retirement Communities

While many people who make the move to Messiah Village often wonder why it took them so long to make the decision, the fact doesn’t change that it is often a difficult decision to make. It involves change.

These are just a few of the changes we touched on earlier that you’ll experience if you move to Messiah Village:

Maintenance Free Living

This means no painting every other year, no sidewalk shoveling when it’s snowing outside, and no more mowing on the hottest days of summer. It also means when something breaks, there’s someone else there to repair it.

On-Site Healthcare Services

Messiah Village nurse

You no longer have to drive to the doctor’s office. He makes house calls at Messiah Village. Of course, residents here have access to qualified nursing care 24 hours a day for added peace of mind.

Transportation Services

As we age, eyesight tends to be a casualty of a long life of living. Some people prefer not to drive in general while others have difficulty doing so. Either way, access to transportation services for errands is an important consideration for many residents.

Meal Plans

This benefit is bigger than you may realize. While you may still choose to prepare and eat your own meals, there are busy days when you’ll love the ability to dine onsite at Evergreen Café, Fireside Grille, Cafe 100, or Kathryn's on the Square.

Our chefs not only prepare delicious meals, but they also prepare foods that are good for you by taking advantage of seasonal foods that are locally sourced. This offers a greater variety of dishes and cuisines throughout the year while reducing the impact your meals have on the planet.

Come Visit Messiah Village Today

The best benefit of all that goes along with choosing to live in a retirement community doesn’t exist within the walls of the community. It is the way people who live there treat one another and are treated by team members and the sense of community that exists.

It is something you cannot see on paper or a computer screen, but something you must experience for yourself. We believe Messiah Village is the embodiment of that exceptional sense of community. This includes every member of the team to the residents and their families we serve and every person who calls Messiah Village home.

We invite you to visit us today and see for yourself how moving to a senior living community, like Messiah Village, can truly transform your life. Contact us today at 717.697.4666 to schedule a visit so you can see for yourself what retirement living is all about at Messiah Village. 


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