Cura Hospitality & Food Service | Messiah Village

Who is Cura Hospitality?

The dining experience at Messiah Lifeways is provided by Cura Hospitality. Founder Mitch Possinger believes that dining is more that serving a great meal. This regional company serves over 50 senior living communities and hospitals with a mission of enhancing life around great food. To further enhance the dining experience Cura joined with Eat’n Park Hospitality in 1999. Now, with more than 15 years of experience Cura works to reduce environmental impact through lowered energy usage, less waste, and local sourcing.

 “Our culinary team is passionate about enhancing life around great food. Fresh, locally sourced produce is a key ingredient in our philosophy and approach to menu planning.” –Franklin Oiler, General Manager of Dining Services at Messiah Lifeways

Thanks to FarmSource, an Eat’n Park/Cura Hospitality purchasing program, we can offer fresh, wholesome, locally sourced food that supports our neighboring farms, orchards, and other agricultural suppliers. Last year alone, Eat’n Park Hospitality Group spent more than $23 million on locally-sourced food. Here at Messiah Lifeways at Messiah Village, we provided almost 35% of our annual produce purchases from local farms in Lancaster, York, and Adams counties.

Pizza Garden

The Fireside Grille “Pizza Garden” may be the most visible reminder of our commitment to freshness. This 28 x 50 garden plot is home to organically grown herbs and vegetables that go from earth to pizza oven. From basil and peppers to tomatoes and spinach, diners enjoy the unmistakable goodness of homegrown toppings on their piping hot pizzas.

produce cart

Residents and guests also love the hand-crafted “Farmer’s Market” produce cart available every Friday at the Fireside Grille. Throughout the growing season, we partner with local vendors like Oak Grove Farms and Paulus’s Farm Markets to stock the cart with delicious, just-harvested produce ready for snacking, cooking, or baking.


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