Healthy Dining at Senior Retirement Community| Meet the Chefs

Meet the Chefs

“Wow. I didn’t know you could eat like this at an ‘old folks home.’” This sentiment is fairly common as diners smile with surprise when served picture perfect entrée plates, tantalizing desserts, and bold but healthy lunches. The bland and boring institutional food stereotypes of past decades have been put to rest thanks to a team of masterful Cura Hospitality chefs. Their talents and personal food passions have combined to create an impressive line-up of delicious dishes that rival other local eateries and fine dining venues. Let’s meet the men and women behind the menu – you’ll soon discover that their palates and personalities are as diverse as the tasty recipes they create!

Chef Tom Hansen

Director of Dining Services

Notable: Executive Chef at Messiah College, Exec Sous Chef at Naples Beach & Golf Club, FL

On raising the bar of the Culinary experience at Messiah Lifeways:
“I really enjoy it when I’m given the opportunity to be creative and come up with a brand new menu and really push the envelope for our catered events.”

Lindsey clinton

Executive Chef 

Notable: Executive Chef at Church of God Home, Carlisle, PA; Sous & Pastry Chef at Empire Restaurant,Carlisle, PA

Favorite recipe to make at home:
Slow-roasted Cuban pork with black beans, rice
and plantains

Favorite Event: Messiah Village Premiere Meal “It is the one event every month that I look forward to. I get to dig deep and pull out recipes that I’ve never made before. I love to challenge myself.”




Notable: 1st Chef at Houlihan's in Hershey, Lead Line chef a Devon Seafood + Steak in Hershey, K.T. I. Graduate

Favorite recipe to make at home: Trinidadion Curried Chicken with Garbanzo Beans and potatoes

Chase walter

Sous Chef

Notable: Chef experience at 1700 Steakhouse in Harrisburg Hilton

Farvorite receipe to make at home: Braised chicken thighs with creamy polenta

Favorite Event: Messiah Village Premier Meal - It gives me a chance to show off my fine dinin skills. Chase also enjoys particpating in Simply the Best and at the LeadingAge event expo each year. 




Notable: Jakub has previously worked at Snappers, as a chef at Tavern on the Hill, Pizza Grille and has experience working in a retirement community similar to Messiah Village. 


Favorite Recipe: I love to grill and create anything BBQ

Favorite Messiah Lifeways event: Premiere Meals - I love to create "fancy" dishes.


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