Wendy's Retirement Journey | Messiah Village
At age 53, Wendy Otstot hit the books to fulfill her longtime desire to become an LPN. “I came to Messiah Lifeways at Messiah Village for clinicals,” she recalls. Fast forward to 2016, and Wendy is moving into one of the community’s charming one-bedroom cottages. At the time, she was still employed full-time in a healthcare job she’d loved for more than 35 years. “I couldn’t have retired while living in my old neighborhood – I’d be alone while everyone else was working.” Making this move gave Wendy and her children a wonderful gift – freedom from home maintenance and peace in knowing a vibrant social network awaited just outside her new front door.

In January 2018, Wendy retired and her sister celebrated her with an amazing Amsterdam adventure. The travelers delighted in scenic canal views, the tulip festival, Van Gogh Museum treasures, and more. Back home at Messiah Village, Wendy kept exploring. “I love the new saltwater pool and the wellness programs – there are so many choices for health maintenance.” She dines often with friends and neighbors at the four campus restaurants and will soon entertain on her custom backyard patio.

Wendy is quick to share that she gave up homeowner hassles and gained a new rhythm of life lived at her pace. Her advice for others? “It’s just a house. Your memories are in your heart and in your mind.”


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