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Bob and Carolyn Mann always had a long-term plan to move to Messiah Lifeways® at Messiah Village. They agreed that when the time came, they’d choose an apartment home, rather than a cottage. After receiving an invitation to visit campus and take a tour, they found the perfect apartment and decided to sign up and make the move! 

Reflecting on the move now, Bob shares, “In looking back, it was good we moved when we did. We still had the vigor and strength to downsize from the house where we lived for almost 40 years. It was a comfort to make the move while we had the strength to pick up a box of stuff and move it across the room without help. It is painful to think of sitting on a chair while directing another person to “bring me that box” and “put this one over there.” 

Another benefit of the Manns’ earlier-than-planned move was that they have health & energy to enjoy leisure activities, trips, and social gatherings that pave the way for making new friends. 

They especially love their Village Commons home because of its versatility. “We can shut the door and be alone, but we can also easily go out and be with others.” The Commons Lobby is always an inviting and bustling place with the Paxton Street coffee shop, mail boxes, shuttle stop, and lobby outside the Fireside Grille. “The building’s design provides a natural meeting place to learn to know your neighbors.”

Bob and Carolyn especially appreciate the convenience offered in the Village Commons because so many vital amenities are under one roof. “Meals in the Fireside Grille, coffee at Paxton Street, the fitness room, the Salon, and terrace and hobby room – and the Rooftop Library, a haven for book lovers and card enthusiasts.” Bob particularly enjoys the wood shop where craftspeople can work on personal projects or make items to benefit the Village.

The Manns are happy in their apartment, with its views of a beautiful campus. They gladly note that “almost every window looks out to a patch of beauty!”

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Thu, Oct 31, 2019